Real Estate Agents

We, Proptals, will market your Direct properties.

Proptals has been in the business of real estate consulting since 2004.

We believe in networking with fellow realtors in the industry and working together, thereby ensuring more deals and transactions are closed.

How it works?

  1. Realtor signs up with Proptals
    Using the form along with, the Real Estate Agent registers up with Proptals as a Partner. 
  2. Share Details
    The Estate Agent shares the details of the direct properties they hold. Note: We (Proptals) do not ask for unit number(s), owner detail(s), etc. 
  3. Confirmation
    The Estate Agent confirms via email / writing that the property details shared are direct to him/her.
  4. Brokerage
    The Estate Agent will work on the commission(s) that they receive from their end. They will not be party or expect any brokerage from Proptals. The same is exclusive mentioned in the written communication.
  5. Marketing 
    The property details shared by the Estate Agent will be uploaded online on Proptals and various other social media site(s) as part of the promotions that Proptals carries out. The partner (Estate Agent) will not have any objection to the same. All marketing activities are carried out at the expenses of Proptals.
  6. Inspection
    The site inspection will be carried out by both parties. The same will be discussed and mutually agreed upon.

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