Hire a Property Manager

At Proptals, we understand that managing properties can be a time-consuming and complex task. That’s why we offer comprehensive property management services to take the burden off your shoulders.








Why Hire a Property Manager

As a seasoned property manager with over two decades of experience serving homeowners in Bangalore, we at Proptals understand the unique needs and challenges that come with property ownership. Here are nine compelling reasons why homeowners should engage with our property management services:

Maximized Rental Income

We help homeowners maximize their rental and ensure the properties are marketed effectively to attract quality tenants.

Tenant Screening and Management

We conduct thorough screening to find tenants and handle all communications to maintain a positive relationship.

Property Maintenance and Repairs

With a network of trusted professionals, we ensure our managed properties are well-maintained and promptly addressed.

Legal Compliance

We stay updated with the latest legal requirements ensuring that your properties comply with all applicable laws.

Regular Inspections

We conduct regular inspections to identify any maintenance issues early on, thereby minimizing costly repairs in the long run.

Financial Reporting and Transparency

We provide detailed financial reports about rental income, expenses, and any other financial matters related to your property.

Vacancy Management

Effective marketing and proactive tenant retention efforts ensure properties remain occupied and generate income.

24/7 Emergency Support

We provide 24/7 support to homeowners and tenants, promptly addressing emergencies and urgent issues for their peace of mind.

Project Update

Booked in an under construction project? Want regular updates? We’ve got you covered with our unbiased progress updates.

Ready To Hire A Property Manager?

By entrusting your properties to our experienced property management services, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of passive income without the stress and headaches of managing their properties themselves.