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Benefits of becoming a VIP member with Proptals

Welcome to Proptals, where your journey to finding or enhancing your dream home begins with exclusive benefits as a premium member.

Zero Brokerage

Enjoy hassle-free property transactions without any brokerage fees

Waiver on Home Loan Processing Fees

Avail a waiver on processing fees for home loans, saving you valuable expenses

Discounts on Interiors

Transform your space with discounted rates on interior design services

Discounts on Architectural Fees

Access expert architectural services at discounted rates for your dream projects

Discounts on Lawyer Fees

Receive priority support and discounts on legal services for smooth transactions.

Discounts on Painting

Add a fresh coat of color with discounts on professional painting services

Discounts on Packers & Movers

Simplify your relocation with discounted rates from trusted packers and movers

Discounts from select Home Decor stores

Beautify your home with discounts from curated home decor stores

Discounts on Vaastu / Fengshui

Harmonize your space with discounted consultations on Vaastu or Fengshui

Discounts on Construction Services

Build or renovate with confidence, benefiting from discounts on construction services.

Discounts on Rainwater Harvesting

Embrace sustainability with discounted rates on rainwater harvesting solutions

Discounts on Deep Cleaning Services

Keep your home pristine with discounted deep cleaning services

Become a Proptals VIP Member

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